An easy way for your customers to get measured
Increase the number of customers by reaching those
who struggle with self-measuring
Who needs MeasureMe
Online clothing store
Marketplaces and online stores increase sales conversion by 5-8% by solving the problem of selecting clothing sizes online.
Online atelier
Online ateliers increase profits by 10% by simplifying the process of taking measurements for their customers.
How MeasureMe works
Get the app
If you have an e-commerce website or a mobile app, we provide you with an sdk or a widget. If you have an Instagram shop account only, we provide you with the credentials to our web application.
Upload a photo
To predict a person's size, the app requires height values, gender, and two photos: front and side. Hence your customer should upload them into the app.
Get the clothing size
Your customer gets their body parameters and clothing size recommendations in centimeters from the app after the info is processed.
How precise will the measurements be?
If you follow the instructions while taking the photos, the average will be less than two centimeters (0.8 inches approx.). This is enough to make well-fitted clothes.
I have to upload my photos. Is it safe from the ''sharing personal information'' point of view?
Your personal data are used only for parameter calculations. They are neither transferred to any third-party company nor kept after the completion of calculations.
How long does it take to measure?
Isn't it faster to do it with a measuring tape?
A measuring tape is a good way to do this. But it is not convenient to do it on your own. Moreover, to order something unique, you may need to know more specific parameters than just chest/waist/hips. We propose an alternative approach.
What if I want to order a bathing suit or a dress? Will I be able to get all the parameters I need?
This application will calculate any parameter of your body needed to make any type of clothing.
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